TaxesThere are times when you need specialist assistance dealing with enquiries from HMRC.

Or maybe its just help with the technical and legal aspects of legislation.

Our consultancy service is here to provide you with that specialist expertise



Our Logo

The logo was inspired by Geoffrey's first and very early introduction to taxation. He grew up in Regency Cheltenham with one window in his bedroom but, from outside, he was able to see a second window that had been bricked in. Asking his parents, he was told about the "Window Tax" that had been introduced in 1696. It seems that the then new owners had decided to save the grand sum of 3 shillings per annum. Previously 9 pence.


Our Services

Tax Advice

Tax Advice is available for Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Allowances VAT.

HMRC Enquiries

    This is our principal area of expertise, whatever the nature of the enquiry or the tax(es) involved.


As a small firm we deal with the returns of individuals with income from employment, investments and/or property; the preparation of accounts for individuals trading by themselves, partnerships and companies